Linux Outlaws 224 – OggCamp 11 Live

0:01:27 Introduction

We introduce ourselves (that is Dan and Fab and the folks from the Ubuntu UK Podcast) and thank our sponsors who made OggCamp possible:

0:06:55 Discussion: UK Riots & Social Networking

We discuss the recent riots in the UK and the proposal to cut off people’s access to social networks in a bid to supress civil unrest like that in the future.

0:23:17 Discussion: Anonymous Declares War on Facebook

We talk about Anonymous’s threat to shut down Facebook on November 5.

0:39:50 Software We Recently Discovered

The panel introduces a piece of software each that they have come to love since OggCamp 10.

0:54:48 Thanks

We say goodbye and thank the amazing OggCamp Crew who did all the heavy lifting and organising work at the event.