Linux Outlaws 231 – Engage the Noise Gate!

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Jezra after his scientific chili experiment

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  • David Will comments on Google+ about Fab’s analysis of Windows 8
  • Jesper asks us about careers in Linux and says we should do a show for new users — we recommend Linux Reality and Going Linux
  • Kevin Granade works for a company that builds aircraft equipment and he tells us more about Linux on planes
  • Alotsof likes the show and discusses podcast listening habits, including speeding up the playback
  • Jonathan Nadeau (our Accessibility Correspondent) writes in about the accessibility features of Trisquel, which he helped work on

We had other emails from Mark Horsley, Tony Bemus, Lynn Ux, Chris Woollard and Robert P.

Song: This Race by You Me Tree (licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)