Linux Outlaws 232 – This is Not Going Anywhere

0:01:27 Introduction

0:14:45 Releases and News

The Amazon Kindle Fire

1:09:25 Microwatch

1:15:46 Feedback

Supporters: Drew Fitzsimmons, Remy van Elst and Evgeny Kuznetsov — on Flattr: cwoollard, corenominal, johanv and deejay1

  • We got lots of responses about Linux alternatives to Lightroom, including from Jeremy Pope and Stefan Peter
  • Shlomo in Israel wrote us on the subject of podcatchers, which involves using his own script on his computer and Dropsync on his phone
  • Aitor Pazos sends us some informaton about El Partido de Internet (The Internet Party) in Spain and the plans they have to encourage citizens to participate in a more direct manner in the political system; they are developing a software tool for this called Agora (Launchpad page)
  • VulcanRidr and Bob send us some opinions on Windows 8 — review video
  • SmokeyMaverick says all US citizens should sign this petition against software patents on the White House site

We had other emails from Robert Berger, Michiel Beijen, Amir Taaki, Armin Krauss and our old friend Kevan V.

Song: Behind the Barricades by David Rovics (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0) — playing this again as per special request by supporter Remy van Elst