Linux Outlaws 233 – The All-New Ford Outlaw

0:01:37 Introduction

0:15:51 Releases and News

Arnie’s Bronze Statues

1:02:25 Microwatch

1:04:41 Feedback

Supporters: Stewart Danziger, Jeffrey Kaplan and Matthew Mactyre — on Flattr: cyberkiller, variaatio, corenominal and bobobex

  • Armin Krauss sent us this story about Siegfried Kauder
  • Nickolas Larsson from Sweden says he enjoys the show and also sent us a somewhat random picture of a road
  • Toby Newman sent us a link to this Horus/Horace-related picture
  • Toby Meehan wrote in with some opinions about Secure Boot for Windows
  • Matthias tells us his opinion about LPI exams

We had other emails from Mervin McDougall, alotsof, Max F., Tony Ciak and Lowe Schmidt.

Song: Sudo Modprobe (Bootstrap Version) by Rick Bragg (licensed Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0)