Linux Outlaws 235 – Unleash the Ball Clamp!

0:02:06 Introduction

Arctic Beers

0:17:14 Releases and News

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

1:03:20 Microwatch

1:05:25 Crapplewatch

The Apfelkind logo

1:19:28 Feedback

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  • DarkN00b1971 from Texas emails Dan about his Stetson — this probably had to do with the last Leave Your Hat On
  • the_remora wrote to ask why we haven’t mentioned the release of Flash for 64bit Linux
  • Luke from Birmingham sent us a nice email about CyanogenMod
  • Campbell Barton, our friend at the Blender project, gives us some more info on Project Mango and also on image editing in Blender
  • Bob Kovacs writes to tell us of his woes with CUPS

We had other emails from Remy Van Elst, John Hill, Whym, Mike White, Lee Brown, Akiva Bloch and mjcpk.

Song: Rip It Up by 20lb Sounds