Linux Outlaws 238 – Balls & Noble

0:01:38 Introduction

0:18:25 Releases and News

1:00:19 Microwatch

1:04:59 Crapplewatch

1:10:45 In-Depth Topic: Linux Security for End Users

We discuss security on Linux systems from the perspective of an end user.

1:45:28 Feedback


Neil Viglieno, Andy Benz, Kirk Richard Holz, Stuart Edgar, Remy van Elst and from Flattr: corenominal, thelovebug, tante, jrutila, bobobex, TonyJ, cwoollard and johanv

  • Tim wrote in reference to Episode 236 and says that the Windows network location settings stuff isn’t Internet Explorer related but more to do with the firewall settings and network discovery
  • Todd wrote about automatic cars and backs up Fab about the fact that automatic cars are a lot more prevalent in the US than in Europe
  • Cyber Killer tells us about the Desura game distribution system
  • Johann gives Dan tips to ease his Unity woes
  • nibl aka. Marcus sents us a very German joke that Dan doesn’t get
  • Ryan Ische says the Stack Exchange network is the solution for finding support for Linux

And we had other emails from Jonas Jonsson, Tzafrir Cohen, Rofaxen, Bill Hixon, Carl Miller, Klaatu, Kevin Granade, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Adam and Clippy (aka. Simon).

Song: Occupy Wall Street (the new studio version) by David Rovics (licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)