Linux Outlaws 240 – You Wouldn’t Steal a Baby!

Fab did it!

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Supporters: Durand D’souza, Matthew Clarke, Nicholas Ruest, Duncan Michael Bell, Alison Chaiken, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Daniel Lowe, Kirk Richard Holz, Ian Mavero and Clive van Hilten from Flattr: fwbd, cyberkiller, corenominal, thelovebug, TonyJ, and cwoollard

  • Emilien who we met at FOSDEM this year sent us a very nice email
  • Tom Marble sent us some info about FOSDEM 2012 — check out the calls for papers
  • Dan Devine wrote to tell us about which is coming up in Ballarat from the 16th – 20th of Jan 2012
  • James Lewis sent Dan some tips on how to install Gnome Shell in Ubuntu
  • Jonathan Gregory writes to say he loves Unity but feels ashamed because nobody else seems to
  • Galen White, Linuxnetzer and Frank Bell all write with feedback about our recent Linux Security discussion
  • Axel Pahl tells us the Apfelkind trademark thing became the topic of a whole sketch on German TV show Extra3
  • Jon asks which distros we currently use
  • Jason Harrison is moving to Linux from Mac and says he’s looking for a cloud backup solution to compare to things like Carbonite

We had other emails this week from Robin Catling, Tom Wilson, Clive Van Hilten, Tom Wisniewski, Peter Hultqvist, Brad Alexander, Remy van Elst, Lowe Schmidt, Luke Huxley, FiftyOneFifty, Tom Ames, Erez, Alan Farough and Jan.

Song: Baby Please Don’t Go by Big Bill Broonzy (Public Domain)