Linux Outlaws 241 – Then We Took an Arrow to the Knee

0:01:37 Introduction

0:15:29 Releases & News

0:56:56 Microwatch

1:00:54 Crapplewatch

1:14:22 Feedback

Supporters: Craig Squire and Raymond Newbery — from Flattr: corenominal and cwoollard

  • Marshall Graham enjoyed our interview with Richard Hughes and hopes Richard will come back on in future
  • Jonathan Gregory theorises about the name of the Unity desktop environment
  • Michael Spannbauer sends us information about the 28C3 which will be in Berlin from December 27 – 30 — if you can’t attend in person, check out their satellite events
  • Tom Reynolds from Megaglest says we should check out their game

We had other emails this week from Alistair Munro, Mark Rice and Owen Oakeley.

Song: Rabbits Don’t Ever Get Married by Hank Penny (licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0)