Linux Outlaws 243 – Beards Igniting (The Year 2011 in Review)

0:01:38 Introduction

  • Some people might have gotten our donation page in German recently because PayPal did something weird that Fab couldn’t replicate — we are sorry for that, it is fixed now
  • Including this episode, we recorded a whopping 60 shows this year!

0:06:00 January

  • We reviewed Linux Mint 10 and CyanogenMod 6.1
  • Fab launches LXnews
  • Apple introduces an app store on Mac OS X
  • Sony sues Geohot
  • Steve Jobs goes on medical leave
  • OSI and FSF join to fight CPTN Holdings
  • Fab reviews LMDE
  • We did a special show on the situation in Egypt

0:18:51 February

  • Dan gets hold of some MeeGo netbooks and reviews them
  • We went to FOSDEM
  • Honeycomb is unveiled
  • The Elopcalypse engulfs Nokia
  • Canonical messes with Banshee donations

0:33:18 March

  • Fab starts ramping up video production on
  • FreedomBox Foundation funding succeeds — FreedomBox Update Talk From Bdale Garbee
  • We get in trouble over the randomness of our MeeGo competition
  • Fab becomes addicted to The Yogscast
  • Fukushima happened
  • Shuttleworth starts sniping at Gnome
  • HP announces it will ship all PCs with WebOS installed
  • Apple claims they own the word “app store”
  • RSA is hacked
  • AT&T initiates merger with T-Mobile

0:44:45 April

  • April Fools: GNU/Linux Outlaws
  • Google gets into trouble for not open sourcing Honeycomb
  • Amazon launches their own Android app store
  • Microsoft sues Balls & Noble
  • Firefox 4 comes out
  • Episode 200: Our podcasting howto special
  • Symbian gets un-open-sourced
  • We get interviewed by Les Pounder and release that as a podcast
  • Fab reviews Gnome 3
  • We interview Allison Randal about Project Harmony — twice

0:53:40 May

  • Osama Bin Laden is killed
  • Fab was a guest on TLLTS 400
  • The Kindle launches in Germany
  • We interview Carl Manneh from Mojang
  • Fab goes to Samba XP
  • Miguel de Icaza creates a company around Mono
  • Microsoft buys Skype
  • CentOS comes under fire for their development model
  • Dan reviews Unity

0:58:34 June

  • We launch Pony Express on the Android Market
  • Linux goes 3.0
  • Microsoft earns more money from Android than Windows Phone
  • Dan goes to the Red Hat Partner Summit and gets several interviews, including Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst
  • “The Big Man” Clarence Clemons dies
  • Adobe drops AIR for Linux
  • AVM court case kicks off in Germany
  • We discuss the Gnome Shell developers being hostile towards extensions
  • We release our well-received Bitcoin episode

1:02:55 July

  • Karen becomes Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation
  • Firefox 5 is released, the whole update insanity starts
  • Fab reviews Arch
  • Google+ launches, we get on it
  • HP releases the TouchPad
  • Fab reviews the Motorola Xoom
  • Shuttleworth demands copyright assignment

1:10:22 August

  • We interview Christian Heilmann from Mozilla
  • Emacs violates the GPL
  • We interview Becky Hogge for the second time
  • OggCamp 11: live show, recap
  • Loriot dies
  • We launch Leave Your Hat On
  • Linus wants to fork Gnome
  • Motoroogle

1:13:48 September

  • We interview Randal Schwartz again
  • Fab gets addicted by Warhammer 40K again
  • Linux turns 20
  • We interview John Graham-Cumming
  • Oracle stops shipping Java for Linux
  • We review our favourite podcatchers
  • Fab looses his hair
  • Four years of LO!
  • hacked and Linux Foundation servers are compromised

1:18:24 October

  • Google+ opens to all
  • The Secure Boot controversy starts
  • Amazon releases a slew of new Kindles
  • MeeGo officially dies
  • German federal trojan discovered by CCC
  • Steve Jobs dies
  • Timezone database threatened and saved
  • Dennis Ritchie dies
  • Beefy Miracle
  • The Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich are announced
  • Apple threatens Apfelkind

1:21:26 November

  • HP can’t make up their mind about what to do
  • Microsoft contributes code under the GPLv3 to Samba
  • The whole SOPA thing kicks off
  • AVM looses their case in Germany
  • Ice Cream Sandwich source code is released
  • Balls & Noble fights back against Microsoft

1:25:30 December

  • Fab wins NaNoWriMo
  • We interview Richard Hughes on the ColorHug
  • Minecraft goes official
  • CarrierIQ
  • The journal proposal
  • Official Gnome Shell extensions website launched
  • We launch Planetfall
  • Pony Express 1.1 released
  • Fab gets his Galaxy Nexus and reviews it
  • Megaupload controversy
  • Linux Mint takes Banshee donations too
  • HP decides to open source WebOS
  • Kim Jong Il dies
  • BT sues Google over Android

1:34:01 Year 2011 Summary

We summarise 2011 and talk about what we thought were important trends throughout year.

Have a happy new year, everyone!

Song: Super Exotic 60′s Beat by Juanitos from their album Best of Juanitos (licensed under Creative Commons BY 2.0 France)