Linux Outlaws 244 – Let Me Get on the Human Megaphone

0:02:58 Introduction

0:16:10 Releases & News

1:03:28 Microwatch

1:06:12 Crapplewatch

The normal Galaxy Tab 10.1 (above) compared with the German version

1:13:12 Feedback

Supporters: NYBill, Russ (K5TUX from the Linux in the Ham Shack podcast), Mark Rice, Philip Behnke, Hanna Pietikäinen, Jon Kulp, Kirk Richard Holz, Anthony Roberts, Adam DiFrischia and Arne Neuman — from Flattr: corenominal, cyberkiller, eksortso and TonyJ

  • Jeremy educates us that grep originally came from vi
  • Heine Pedersen tells us about an open source conversion story from Denmark
  • Simon Phipps emailed Dan about the removal of Sun Java packages from Ubuntu since he wrote about it on his Computer World blog and some people seemed confused over the story
  • Francis (Grizzly) Smit has been listening to the show for a year and sends us a nice thank you note
  • Imran Chaudhry also wrote to say he enjoys the show
  • Leslie used to know a guy in South Africa who’s first name was Doctor
  • Gary says Burt Reynolds is mental, case in point: video of Burt slapping a reporter
  • Aaron asks for distro hopping tips
  • the_axis heard us on short wave radio in the US on New Years Eve talking about SOPA, we were broadcast thanks to Stephen Michael Kellat of LISNews
  • Yannis A. sends us this story of a woman in Germany ordered to pay a film company compensation for illegally sharing a film when she doesn’t even have a computer or a wireless router in her house
  • Łukasz “Cyber Killer” Korpalski says the Qt library can do a lot more than just UI widgets, he mentions the game Warzone 2100 that uses Qt for everything
  • Ben Arnold posted this to a mailing list that Dan is on: Suicide Linux

We had other emails from Charles Kerr, Tom Sparrow, Aitor Pazos, Florian and Billy Toulas.

Hanni-B.A. says: “I pity the fool when a plan comes together!”

Song: Living in the Dark (Urban Flow Remix by The Dark Clan) originally by Patricia Wake (licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0)