Linux Outlaws 247 – Poke Him with Your Pipe, Old Boy

0:01:30 Introduction

The Macho Man during his prime in the ’80s

0:10:51 Releases & News

Hot patent troll chick from Sisvel

0:41:22 Microwatch

0:47:23 Feedback

Supporters: Alexander Van der Merwe, Kirk Richard Holz, Robert Krenitsky, Peter Clark — from Flattr: corenominal, Tony Jones, Chris Woollard, Dave Ostroske

  • Jason Sipula gives us some more info on the Galaxy Tab 10.1N (which is the special version they built after the lawsuit from Apple in Germany)
  • Stephen Mulcahy came across a media converter called “Arista”
  • Aaron asked about upgrading and reinstalling tips a few weeks ago and now wrote to say thanks and that he upgraded to F16 over Christmas
  • Xavier Sythe sent us a link to some leaked pictures of Tizen from a recent conference
  • Branden Andersen sent us a link to a Boing Boing story about Lamar Smith (the Congressman who drafted SOPA), apparently he ran afoul of copyright laws himself
  • Tazzo loves the podcast and asks about connecting his HTC Desire S to his Ubuntu laptop for Internet access passthrough

Shirley Crabtree (aka. “Big Daddy”)

  • Yaroslav Halchenko says Microsoft is quite friendly to Kinect hackers — we remind him that this wasn’t always the case

We had other emails this week from Pedro, Remy Van Elst, Willem, Alexander van der Merwe and Tom.

Song: It’s Not Unusual by Joe Ressington (licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA)