Linux Outlaws 251 – FOSDEM 2012

0:01:15 Introduction

0:13:34 Interview: John Sullivan

Fab interviews John Sullivan, Executive Director of the FSF.

0:25:21 Interview: Richard Fontana

Fab finally gets the chance to talk to Richard Fontana, Open Source Licensing and Patent Counsel at Red Hat.

0:38:25 Interview: Gerard Braad

Fab talks to Gerard Braad, who is a Fedora and Mozilla contributor, has been a listener to our show for a while and does F/OSS and general IT consulting in China.

0:53:28 Interview: Bradley Kuhn

Bradley Kuhn continues to defend his top guest spot on the show as Fab caught up with him again for another interview. Bradley is the Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy.

1:16:23 General Reflections on FOSDEM 2012

Dan asks Fab about the experience at FOSDEM in general and we go into more detail on some of the issues raised in the interviews.

Song: Oh, Internet by Hannah Hart (all rights reserved)