Linux Outlaws 253 – Goatse Easter Egg

0:01:51 Introduction

  • An unedited video version of this show is available on YouTube
  • Sorry that the last show was released so late and that we missed a live show on Monday, Fab had a terrible flu from hell
  • Check out Alison Chaiken’s
  • Fab, the Ubuntu Hater
  • The Wall Street Journal is a bunch of hypocrites!

0:12:06 Releases & News

1:18:22 Applewatch

1:28:10 Feedback

Supporters (from flattr): Dave Ostroske, Johan V., jatoo, Chris Woollard, corenominal, Tony Jones, variaatio, chalkahlom and cyberkiller

  • Jason Jordan says he loves the show and asks us about making thumbnails in Nautlius for .mkv files
  • Jason Sipula wants us to mention Raspberry Pi again
  • Jan Goyvaerts sends us an email talking about the Belgian media and their stance on Tor
  • Riley Gelwicks sends us more feedback about Linux Outlaws being blocked in China
  • A few people wrote to us about their disgust with Google for headline sponsoring the Conservative Political Action Conference – there’s a petition against it and a video doing the rounds on YouTube
  • Jonathan Groll tells us about Emacs and its M-x spook function
  • Andres MP recommends Nixie Does Linux
  • Robert Horn says Window Maker 0.95.2 was released

We had other emails from Iwan, MattKingUSA, Steve Baker, Dave Bearden, kidcardboard and vj777.

Song: Epic Rap Battles of History Live (all rights reserved)