Linux Outlaws 255 – Brian Blessed’s BeardBerry

0:01:39 Introduction 404 error page

RIP Ralph McQuarrie

0:11:05 Releases & News

Brian Blessed

1:09:55 Microwatch

Who’s laughing now, Microsoft?

1:18:08 Game Tip

Fab quickly talks about the open source game Mari0 — a mix between the classic Super Mario Bros. and Portal

Mari0 gameplay

1:21:42 Feedback

Supporters: Thanks to Sander Scheepens, James Jeffries, Remy van Elst, Nathan Reitcheck, Kirk Richard Holz, Chris Woollard, cyberkiller, varaatio, corenominal and Dave Lee (from the Bugcast)

  • Jack Hill wrote with a few things, but mostly about Flash and Firefox, he uses Conkeror himself
  • Alison Chaiken tells us about running Android and Ubuntu side by side, apparently it isn’t exactly new technology
  • Matt sent us a video of the first 15 minutes of Pulp Fiction done in the style of Shakespeare
  • Greg P. really, really doesn’t like Google
  • Keith Z-G says the whole phenomenon of kids liking BlackBerries must be a UK thing

We had other emails from Lee Crampton, Andy H., Sir Eagle, Jorgen, Brandon, Gary, Christopher from Poland, Remy Van Elst and Måns from Sweden.

  • Barcamp Canterbury 2012 is happening at the University of Kent on the weekend of the 28th and 29th of April
  • ORGCon is on in London on Saturday, March 24th
  • EuroPython 2012 will be in Florence, Italy from July 2nd – 8th

Song: The Rattling Bones Of Gill Mc Gee from the album Pirates of the Coast by Black Bones