Linux Outlaws 256 – The Beards are Coming!!!

0:03:00 Introduction

0:13:29 Releases & News

1:14:46 Microwatch

1:18:33 Applewatch


1:26:32 App Tip

curl vs. HTTPie

1:28:55 Feedback

  • Jameson writes to us about MythTV, Netflix and DRM
  • Eric Schatz tells us his thoughts on our discussion of native apps vs. web apps
  • Manu Chandrasekhar aka. Cheezespread tells us about Sikuli (a visual scripting API for Jython)
  • Stephen Bell has been enjoying listening to Black Bones since we played them
  • Jeff Gehlbach says he joined Toastmasters International and that paying money for using filler words like “uhm” made it easier to get rid of them
  • Kevin Granade gives us some more feedback on ksplice for desktop use
  • Kari Mattsson sends some more input on Ubuntu for Android

We had other emails this week from Paul Dutot, Andrew Mason, Tony J., Jack Hill, Ace and Jon Stockill.

  • LibrePlanet is on 24 & 25 March at the University of Massachusetts, Boston

Song: For The Would-be Woody Guthrie by Shambles Miller (licensed under Creative Commons BY)