Linux Outlaws 257 – A Fuckload of Wav Files

0:01:26 Introduction

The original Wasteland box art

0:19:41 Releases & News

Cinnamon 1.4 running on Debian Sid

1:21:06 Feedback

Supporters (from Flattr): corenominal, SmokeyMaverick, endstation, variaatio, Tris Linnell, cyberkiller, theru, Dave Lee and Chris Woollard

  • Haris Bin Ali says that Kuala Lumpur has been chosen to host FUDCon APAC 2012
  • Gary sent us a story about the DoJ defending the government’s right not to acknowledge the existence of any joint research agreement between Google and the NSA
  • Remy Van Elst writes in with some feedback on the slowness of Windows machines joining domains
  • Christopher Bates responded to some of Dan’s FreeNAS comments
  • Brandon Janzen found us via FLOSS Weekly and really likes the show
  • Robin Catling (of the Full Circle Podcast) wrote a great review of the new Springsteen album
  • Jason Jordan writes to us about Android code names and potential patents for the Sixgun portfolio
  • Armin Krauss writes about Episode 256 and says Seneca College is most likely named after the Seneca Nation

We had other emails this week from Stephen Michael Kellat, Bruno Bigras and Thomas Bourque.

Song: Probably Gay, the Homophobia Song by Katie Goodman’s Broad Comedy (all rights reserved)