Linux Outlaws 260 – Spoiler Alert

0:01:21 Introduction

MC Frontalot, delivering spoilers galore

0:09:08 Releases & News

1:12:11 Microwatch

1:17:06 Feedback

Supporters: John Schmitt, Joe Foy, Eric Geissinger, Barry Williams, Durand D’souza,  Stuart Edgar, John Myers, Eric Swanson, Kirk Richard Holz and Richard Brown — from Flattr: Chris Woolard, corenominal, Dave Lee, johanv, Craig_DT and Mattias Ohlsson

  • We had audio feedback from Peter Cannon & Gareth Witty
  • Søren Kejser Jensen tells us about achievements in Visual Studio 2010
  • Greg Poulter prompts us on Pinguy OS and Bodhi Linux
  • Bill Kossmann asks if we have considered a joint live show with TDTRS
  • Puppyite wrote us an email asking us to join the Puppy Linux forums to answer questions
  • Jon Peder sends us an update about Android running on x86 hardware, especially the Lenovo Ideapad S10
  • Mark Wright recommends a “rescuetux” boot disc to get a hosed GRUB boot loader back — note: we think he means ruscatux from
  • Mike Charlton writes us about Sabayon
  • Devon Baumgarten wrote to us about Microsoft open sourcing ASP.NET tools — we covered this in the Microwatch segment
  • Jonathan Gregory sent us a Unity tip
  • The Right Reverend Septimus Goosinghim sends some feedback on personal gratification

We had other emails from Martyn Lewis, Beni Keller, Jezra, Felipe, Constantinos, dacresni, Jeffrey Daniel Rollin-Jones, PsykoNerd, Jonathan Nadeau, spanglesontoast, Harold and Kevin.

Song: Spoiler Alert by MC Frontalot from the album Zero Day (all rights reserved)