Linux Outlaws 264 – 007’s Humping Dog

0:02:36 Introduction

0:11:39 Releases & News

1:18:54 Microwatch

1:24:23 In-Depth: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Review

Fab reviews Ubuntu 12.04 LTS “Precise Pangolin”. For more details see his article on The H.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

1:43:45 Feedback

Supporters: Osama Alassiry, Armin Krauss,  Patrick Craenen and Daniel Lowe — from Flattr: cyberkiller, mansdell, variaatio, Chris Woollard, jrutila, Dave Ostroske, marmai, johanv, corenominal, Mattias Ohlsson and SmokeyMaverick


  • Kevin T. has been listening since before Dan and Fab met in person and tells the story how he introduced his office to Linux Outlaws and The Beards
  • Mark Katerberg was disappointed in our coverage of Snow Linux
  • Mark Sinclair sent us this image for Fab:

  • Nehemiah tells us that there is a tradition among physics students to model cows as spherical in their simulations
  • Ray Woods recommends SolusOS
  • Jim Daldry sent us this video and thinks that is how the Stuxnet virus was spread
  • Jezra sent us a new sound file
  • Jeff G. asks what we think about Apple’s plans for the new Developer ID & Gatekeeper programme for OS X

We had other emails from SmokeyMaverick, Frank Bell, Dan Devine, Jake Roberts, Basil Orechwa and Timothy.

Song: The Age of Aggression / The Age of Oppression by Malukah (all rights reserved)