Linux Outlaws 265 – It Doesn’t Affect Your Ball Control

0:01:21 Introduction

Dan’s A-Team shirt

0:13:35 Releases & News


1:04:38 Microwatch

1:09:33 Feedback

Supporters: Jeremy Wootten, Samuel Ross, Paul Coleman — from Flattr: Chris Woollard, variaatio, Rasmus Svensson, Mattias Ohlsson, cyberkiller, corenominal and johanv

  • Dan Devine says something with quoll should have been the Ubuntu code name
  • Ikey Doherty writes us about SolusOS which is his project; before this, he used to be the main developer on LMDE
  • Łukasz “Cyber Killer” Korpalski sends os his opinion on Steam for Linux
  • Rick Bragg says he recorded the version of our theme tune which we are currently using on Ubuntu Studio and heartily recommends it
  • Pierre-Marie Ruas gives us more information on the Portuguese Linux laptop program we talked about in our last episode
  • Joe Burmeister sends us his thoughts on Hershey chocolate
  • Grant Burton sent in a story for Fab explaining how Jaffa cakes are made

Song: Soul Africa by Juanitos from the album of the same name (licensed Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0 France)