Linux Outlaws 267 – Creepy Fishpeople

Sadly, the Hangout video of this episode did not record for some reason. But Fab did a Minecraft test stream that you can check out instead.

0:01:48 Introduction

  • There probably won’t be a show next week; Fab is visiting the Heise HQ

0:05:56 Releases & News

Mark Zuckerberg, Head of the Fishpeople

0:57:48 Feedback

Supporters: Philip Behnke (sent some money for the Diablo III fund) — from Flattr: joe-1, Chris Woollard, johanv, cyberkiller, Dave Lee, Mattias Ohlsson, corenominal and Rasmus Svensson

  • Entransic recommends Barnes & Noble to be renamed to “Bound & Neutered”
  • Remy Van Elst tells us that there is a new version of Beyondpod out
  • Claudiu explains that in Romania, most computers are not shipped with Windows as people largely can not afford it

Song: Skyrim Epic Rap by Dan Bull (all rights reserved)