Linux Outlaws 268 – Software Necromancy

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Rest in Peace, Mr. Trololo
Bruce Springsteen live in concert in Cologne
  • Fab talks about his trip to Hannover to visit the Heise headquarters
  • The video recording of the Hangout didn’t save to YouTube last time — it was Fab’s fault, sorry for that!
  • Fab did a Minecraft test stream over Hangouts, though
  • Dan is posting live music videos to his YouTube channel
  • We have a redesigned web site




Fab explains how to run Diablo III in Wine. A detailed tutorial can be read in the Sixgun Gaming section.

Diablo III running under Wine

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Supporters: David MN, Kevin Kenny, John McInnes and Ross Anderson — from Flattr: Chris Woolard, variaatio, vaupeh, Rasmus Svensson, Mattias Ohlsson, cyberkiller, Dave Lee, marmai and corenominal

  • Phil Whitaker comes up with the name “Barnes & No-Balls” for Barnes & Noble
  • Bob Sterrett also wants the wolf howl back in our intro music
  • Gary tells us about the GSM sniffer Cellumap
  • Matt says we are too dismissive of RMS and ESR
  • On a similate note, Rafael Beraldo wrote about seeing Stallman give a talk for the first time
  • Yannis A. sent us a story about the Vatican endorsing Microsoft’s cloud app strategy
  • David B. gives us some input on the Facebook IPO

We had other emails from: Justin S., Alex Wainwright, Anselm Lingnau and Remy Van Elst

Song: The Trololo Song by Eduard Khil (all rights reserved)


  1. John Hill says:

    A. Love the new website design. It has been interesting seeing things change as you have made improvements.

    B. It appears I am leaving the second comment. Is there a reason that I cannot see the first one? Other than the obvious (to me) one that I am using NoScript and have things really locked down at my end?

    C. UEFI and Visual Studio news. Very insightful comments. I had heard about both, but did not put together the fact that both moves serve to increase worldwide dependency on Microsoft – they have the only “First Class” operating system, and only they (or their good customers) can make “First Class” software. So they are finally moving to expunge Open Source and Free Software from their realm. When did they originally get the US governments blessing for their monopoly? Around 1994? It has taken them 18 years to finally begin the monopolist move of forcing out the competition? I should be grateful they have been so slow, but really: You call this Capitalism? The nineteenth century robber barons must be spinning in their graves.

  2. fabsh says:

    B) This is the first one that hit the system on our end. I’m pretty sure you do need JavaScript to comment, yes.

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