Linux Outlaws 269 – Someone Klose That Hole

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Miro Klose, doing what he does best



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  • Emilien Klein tells us about the linguistic intricacies of the word “computer” in French and Spanish
We had other emails from Les Pounder and Andrew S. this week.
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6 Responses to “Linux Outlaws 269 – Someone Klose That Hole”

  1. Rich Brown

    Now all that’s needed is a link to here from the show list:

  2. Sigg3

    When I heard you discuss the “Microsoft rap” on your show, I just had to check it out. Having just done it, I must say I’m a little disappointed.

    I’m Norwegian and the lyrics aren’t offending or trying “to be cool”. In fact, they’re not pretentious at all, and not taking itself seriously. It’s a joke, albeit a poor joke, but it’s not meant seriously.

    Just thought you should know you sound like a couple of old ladies discussing this having watched what the fuzz was about. Grow a pair.

  3. fabsh

    Sigg3: So you think silly dick jokes from a company that is desperately trying to be cool is entertaining, then? You should stop listen to the show. You obviously don’t have an ounce of taste.

  4. Sigg3

    Not what I’m saying, not at all. I was disappointed because you talked about it like Microsoft had caused a great scandal, when they just tried to joke around. This is one of the MS employes exemplifying self-irony. It’s probably lost in translation, but anyway.

    Believe me, MS does a lot worse than this out on the town:)

    Also, you obviously don’t read very well.

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