Linux Outlaws 269 – Someone Klose That Hole

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Miro Klose, doing what he does best



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  • Emilien Klein tells us about the linguistic intricacies of the word “computer” in French and Spanish
We had other emails from Les Pounder and Andrew S. this week.
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  1. Sigg3 says:

    When I heard you discuss the “Microsoft rap” on your show, I just had to check it out. Having just done it, I must say I’m a little disappointed.

    I’m Norwegian and the lyrics aren’t offending or trying “to be cool”. In fact, they’re not pretentious at all, and not taking itself seriously. It’s a joke, albeit a poor joke, but it’s not meant seriously.

    Just thought you should know you sound like a couple of old ladies discussing this having watched what the fuzz was about. Grow a pair.

  2. fabsh says:

    Sigg3: So you think silly dick jokes from a company that is desperately trying to be cool is entertaining, then? You should stop listen to the show. You obviously don’t have an ounce of taste.

  3. Sigg3 says:

    Not what I’m saying, not at all. I was disappointed because you talked about it like Microsoft had caused a great scandal, when they just tried to joke around. This is one of the MS employes exemplifying self-irony. It’s probably lost in translation, but anyway.

    Believe me, MS does a lot worse than this out on the town:)

    Also, you obviously don’t read very well.

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