Linux Outlaws 270 – Building His Own Community

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  • This will most likely be the last LO for a few weeks — don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere (well, Fab’s going to the UK but that’s about it)
  • Check out FLOSS Weekly 214: Simon Phipps and Dan talked to Michael Meeks and Charles-H. Schultz of LibreOffice
  • Fab wrote a feature on alternative desktop shells for Ubuntu on The H


1:07:30 FEEDBACK

Supporters (Flattr only): mansdell, Rasmus Svensson, Mattias Ohlsson, Spike, corenominal, SmokeyMaverick, chalkahlom and naphta

  • Rob Houglan was inspired by Fab to release his ebook on the Kindle Store and licensed it under Creative Commons to boot
  • Neil Chapman has listened to the show for years and sends us a link to a page with quotes of the Iraqi ex-Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf
  • Florian sends us a link to a Lovecraftian comic with fishpeople and explains why Etherpad pulls in X on systems based on RHEL
  • Christopher (from fucking NASA) gives us the skinny on operating systems used on the ISS
  • Frank Vanhoof wrote us a long email on the Visual Studio situation we talked about earlier
  • Whym writes in with an opinion about Mac users and open source software

We had other emails this week from: JD, Scott Hewitt and MiRWi.

Song: Falls To Me by I Am Not Lefthanded from their new album The Fire & The Sigh (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)

5 Responses to “Linux Outlaws 270 – Building His Own Community”

  1. Justifier

    On the subject of tails, my girlfriend has become addicted to tails get trolled, (it’s brilliant) unfortunately its on deviant art, I would like to point out that she saw it on another site and then signed up to deviant art just for this.

  2. beachgardener

    you blokes rock, i listen in every week from Byron Bay, linux outlaws, bloody oath mate, it’s the best linux podcast, thanks for the shows

  3. fabsh

    I’ve been to Byron Bay. Awesome place to live! Heck, I wish I was there now!

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