Linux Outlaws 271 – ‘orrible Linux

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00:21:31 NEWS RECAP

1:26:47 FEEDBACK

  • Erez Schatz says the issue for companies when it comes to GPL compliance is if they want to do it or not
  • Michael Dexter has started a new hardware company called Gainframe
  • Alexander van der Merwe recommends wajig for searching for packages in apt

We had other emails from Andrew Strycharz, Remy Van Elst, Dustin Williams, David Yang, Paul Dutot, Derek Heckle, Dave 71, Owen Oakley and BazzaWill.

Song: Jimmy Carter (live acoustic version) by 20lb Sounds (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)


  1. nulldev says:

    Secure boot the fact it can be manually disabled is a major flaw to its security. All it takes is automating those steps and its by passed.

  2. fabsh says:

    nulldev: How is that a bigger flaw in Secure Boot than anything else? It’s a BIOS password. At the point where the attacker has physical access, all bets are off anyway. Which has precisely been my point about why Secure Boot is kind of silly anyway…

    As for Spam Assassin, it’s worthless without the right rule set and that takes a lot of time and expertise to built.

  3. Shane Kerr says:

    I agree that both Thunderbird and Evolution are… not ideal. I discovered Claws Mail in the past year, and find that it is almost exactly what I want from an e-mail client. It’s a GUI, more configurable than I need, and relatively lightweight. It’s NOT very pretty, so Dan may refuse to use it on aesthetic principles.

    If you need client-side spam filtering, there’s a plugin for this (I don’t run it myself, since I manage my own servers and have acceptable spam filters on the server-side).

    Nice to have you back! :)

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