Linux Outlaws 274 – It’s Got Gravy (OggCamp 12 Recap with Les)

We bring you our recap of OggCamp 12, featuring the one and only OggCamp Crew Chief, the Big Wig: Les “Sgt.” Pounder. We also explain why there is no live show from OggCamp this year. This episode is not sponsored, but kind of supported by Sailor Jerry.

Fab would like to thank The Londoneer for taking awesome pictures of us. Check out his OggCamp 12 recap and piece on the Metropolitan Cathedral. Les would like to thank the crew, for being awesome. And we all thank the OggCamp 12 sponsors, who made the event happen: LJMU Open LabsBytemark, O’Reilly, Transitiv Technologies, Canonical and ScraperWiki. You should also pay Tony Whitmore Wedding Photography a visit.

Dan at the Gig (Photo: Pete Stean)
The Atmospheric Processor (Photo: Fabian Scherschel)
The Banner (Photo: Tris Linnell)
Fab Filming (Photo: Tris Linnell)
OggCamp12 Introduction (Photo: Richard Shipman)
The Gang at the Quiz (Photo: Andy Piper)
The Crew (Photo: Tony Whitmore)

More photos from OggCamp 12: on Google+

Song: Mr. Nothing by EpicLLOYD feat. Meytal (all rights reserved)

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