Linux Outlaws 275 – Man on the Moon

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R.I.P. Neil Armstrong


  • Hangouts on air now available in Germany — you can watch our show live from there…
  • The Stephen Fry video from OggCamp 12
  • Fab will be on holiday for a week, so we will be skipping an episode


1:17:49 FEEDBACK

Supporters: Michael Lamb, Martin Bastow and Ben Farnfield — from Flattr: renhuh, johanv, Mattias Ohlsson, Bernd Schlapsi and viis

  • Matthias recommends the Claws Mail email client
  • Georg Ottinger tells us about OggStreamer, a standalone device for streaming radio shows
  • Jake Roberts sends us a link to a video of Ben Heck building a BBC Micro-style case for the Raspberry Pi

We had other emails from: Steven Dorries, Gary and Ryan

Song: Sharp Dressed Man by The Beards (all rights reserved)

The End of the World (for Beardless People)


  1. Umm Fab you don't have to run command line vim to use vim use gvim says:

    Umm Fab you don’t have to run command line vim to use vim use gvim, yep that says it if you want a gui vim then gvim is your editor.

  2. fabsh says:

    I have tried it. It’s very rudimentary ATM. Could be an alternative but it still needs a lot of work…

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