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  • Some current affairs talk: The Royals are suing over a bunch of breasts, the whole muslim world is in flames over a stupid film and it seems like that the case against Assange is getting slimmer by the minute


The Nightwatchman & The Boss




We interview Kevin O’Brien about the Ohio Linux Fest.

Ohio Linux Fest / Columbus, Ohio — 28-30 September 2012

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Supporters: Matthew Jelliman, Remy van Elst and everyone who flattr’d us

  • Kirk Richard Holz enjoys the show and would like us to get someone on to talk about quantum computing
  • Brian Cesar sends us a very nice thank you note
  • We also got a very long email on the subject of Pussy Riot from Russian listener Alexander Loginov
Song: Shaved Off His Beard by The Beards (all rights reserved)


  1. Thorsen Vreeland says:

    The trouble with the privacy intrusion you discussed in the show is that it gives ammunition to those that want to curtail journalistic freedoms (this is essentially what’s happened in France with their privacy laws).

    In a free country the press need to be able to investigate the “great and the good” which sometimes means doing things that are illegal, because there is a public interest argument. In reality in the “Kate pictures,” the only “public interest” in the story is prurience.

  2. Andy H says:

    There is evidence that quantum computing exists and is being actively developed. You’re just either not reading the right news, or you didn’t understand what you read. We already have basic quantum computers, but you don’t see major news outlets picking up the stories. Wanna know why? The general public doesn’t care until they can use it! There’s no point in doing a story that’s going to bore their viewers when they can just go watch the X-Factor.

  3. fabsh says:

    So where exactly is this evidence? I’m pretty regularly reading the tech news, you know. Being a tech journalist myself…

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