Linux Outlaws 279 – Double Oh Seventy

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What the fuck is an “enterpriser”?
The Blue Systems HQ on Street View

1:13:00 FEEDBACK

Supporters: Rafael Hart, Kerry O’Brien and everyone who flattr’d us

  • Michael Harker is a Windows user learning about Linux and just discovered our show
  • Sam Ross sends us a picture of a very cool Castle apron
The most epic apron ever
  • Allison Chaiken brings up quantum computing again, it seems she knows quite a bit about it
  • We also had a nice email from Kerry who is a new listener and enjoys the show

Song: Crystals by Professor Kliq from the album Curriculum Vitae (licensed Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0)


  1. Peter says:

    Hello Fab and Dan. I just listened to your podcast and would like to comment on the quantum computing and threat to cryptography.
    An ordinary computer works deterministically, one input transforms to one and exactly one output via computing at any given time. A quantum computer works by a phenomenon known as super positioning. The output is a super position of states, that are transformations of a super position of the input states. That is you can perform the same computation to a multitude of inputs at the same time.

    The main threat posed by quantum computers to cryptography is the realization of Shor’s algorithm, that can factor a number in O(n^3) operations. That is, it takes a time that is proportional to the cube of the length of the representation of the number. As compared to on an ordinary computer where the best known general factorization algorithm takes a lot more time than this. This is mainly a threat to cryptographic protocols based on the discrete logarithm problem (RSA and ElGammel) or the integer factorization problem (RSA). However there are other problems to base cryptographic protocols on, for example Syndrome Decoding. There is at the moment no known quantum algorithm that accelerates attacks on this kind of problem.

  2. fabsh says:

    Yeah, I understand how it would theoretically work (I think). My point on the show was mainly that it’s not feasible at the moment. As long as Schneier doesn’t freak out, I think we’re good.

  3. Toby says:

    Help! I simply must know where the audio clip from the beginning of this episode comes from? Funniest shit ever. I literally can’t stop listening to it, then laughing hysterically, then listening to it again, then laughing hysterically again, then listening to it again, then laughing manically, then listening to it again, then laughing some more…you get the idea. Anyway a nudge it the right direction would be thoroughly appreciated so I can remain in a perpetual loop of giggly manic hysteria for as long as possible. Cheers. Awesome podcast btw, your definitely the most Linuxy outlaws I’ve come across :-)

  4. fabsh says:

    Hilarious! Why would I be offended by people making fun of Hitler? He was a pretty sorry little fuck, after all…

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