Linux Outlaws 280 – Rusty Ringpiece

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In this show, we bring you the latest Ubuntu news and Fab gives his review of Ubuntu 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal”. We also discuss Mark Shuttleworth’ latest blogging spree.

Miss Ter Horst would like to help you with that command line business
Fab has a bit of a rant…

Song: Code Monkey (Slashdot 15th Birthday Edition) by Jonathan Coulton (all rights reserved)


  1. Bill Pritchard says:

    Just started listening to your podcasts. Great stuff and thanks for a few laughs. That teutonic accent is great Fab but dont cover up your face with that mic thing on You tube.Am new to Linux (a couple of years) but Ubuntu 12.04 is great with Unity. When I go back to 10.04 or XP its like time travel into a forgotten old fashioned past.I have been bringing old pc’s back to life (legally) with linux and am into hardware-software issues all the time. On some hardware 12.04 does not work fully so how about some hardware considerations in your otherwise excellent critique of 12.10.Who the hell cares about shopping.I only use LTS versions because I dont have the nerve for any more uncertainty.MS have got where they have because they are very aware of the importance of hardware. I get all sorts of interesting situations with Linux on old and used machines.Keep upthe good work.

  2. fabsh says:

    @Bill: That “mic thing” is a pop filter. If I leave that off, the audio sounds horrible, especially on the podcast. You could listen to some older episodes where I didn’t use one and you’ll know what I mean. You’d kinda want that on…

  3. istok says:

    Great show as usual. Although I did cringe when Fab got too upset. I somehow feel Canonical doesn’t deserve people getting upset over their shenanigans and disingenuousness. Oh dear, I seem to be getting upset :D
    Anyway I have a suggestion to make regarding the previous episode, or maybe the one before, I forget. Blue Systems. Every time I read about them or someone mentions them it’s always the same, “nobody knows how they make their money or who they are”. So isn’t it high time somebody actually found out?

  4. fabsh says:

    Canonical: As long as Mark picks fights with the likes of Red Hat and keeps bending facts, I think they well deserve it.

    Blue Systems: I have some leads on that but they are a private company and it isn’t exactly easy to find out about these things, you know? You can’t just ring a company up and they’ll tell you exactly how they make money.

  5. MrDoofus says:

    quoting Fab: You can’t just ring a company up and they’ll tell you exactly how they make money.

    Well, have ya tried? Wouldn’t hurt. Though you might get something like: “We leverage multi-disciplinary blah blah blah”

  6. fabsh says:

    I’m very sure I would get PR bullshit. I currently can’t justify to spend time on it during the day if it isn’t part of an actual story I am working on.

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