Linux Outlaws 281 – Cheri, Cheri Lady

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  • Following on from our Ubuntu 12.10 review show, we have quite a lot of news



1:07:43 FEEDBACK

 Supporters: Thanks to Rob Hall, David Guest, Yosi Shibberu, Matt Kraai and all the flattr’ers for stepping up!

  • Alan Bailward tells us we got the facts on Tim Cook’s apology for the Apple Maps fiasco wrong
  • Paula Graham sends a message via Les Pounder about the FLOSS Talent Women’s Career Taster from Flossie
  • Gary tells us about the meetBSD conference in California on 3 & 4 November

The horror…. the horror!!

  • Uwe Schuerkamp writes from imaginary Bielefeld about Blue Systems
  • Sergei Van Hardeveld wrote to us about the Humble eBook Bundle (which is now over)

We also had an email from Keith Z-G.

Song: Nanowar from the album Into Gay Pride Ride by Nanowar (licensed under a Creative Commons licence)

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