Linux Outlaws 283 – Remember, Remember

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Barack Obama hugs Bruce Springsteen on the day before the election


1:15:21 IN-DEPTH

Fab reviews the wifi-only model of the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Kindle Paperwhite in a dark room

1:31:23 FEEDBACK

Supporters: Kristin Morey, Daniel Lowe and all Flattr’ers

  • We had some comments from Stuart Langridge and Jono Bacon about Ubuntu on the Nexus 7; Jono also wrote a blog post on the topic
  • Fab had lots of discussions with people over eeminism after last week’s show
  • Tailzer sent on something from the NHS Open Source Skunkworks team; they apparently think iOS is open source
  • Ron McCy enjoyed Fab’s interview with Carsten “Rasterman” Haitzler about E17
  • Jordan Mears enjoys the show and tells us about his personal open source project called Cider, which is a web-based IDE; he  just released version 0.7 and could use some user feedback
  • Jason Bowles says his wife does not like Android’s auto-completion

We also had email from Ivan Pejić.

Song: Ain’t That Good News from the album Drop By Drop by Daniel Berges & The Windsurfers (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)


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