Linux Outlaws 284 – Burning Poppies

Uncut video version of this episode on YouTube 0:00:47 INTRODUCTION

0:22:34 REPORT FROM MOZFEST  Fab attended the Mozilla Festival 2012 in London and gives his report.

The Mozfest Blimp



Concept art for Elite: Dangerous

1:30:35 FEEDBACK Supporters: We thank Remy van Elst and all Flattr’ers!

  • Neil had a long email discussion with Fab about Republicanism
  • Chris wanted to point us to a ranty article about the state of GNOME 3
  • Kristin Morey enjoys the show and looks forward to it each week; she also tells us about working with her Chromebook CR-48 running Debian with KDE
  • Kuero says Fab should use one of his Raspberry Pis as a Bitcoin miner

Song: A Drone Again, Naturally by Drone Aircraft (all rights reserved)

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