Linux Outlaws 285 – Party Drones

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The Reaper Crew hat from Sons of Anarchy


The logo for OpenStreetMap “Operation Cowboy”



  • Godus, a Kickstarter campaign from Peter Molyneux
  • Star Citizen, a Kickstarter campaign by Chris Roberts of Freelancer fame (which is now funded)
Godus by Peter Molyneux

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Supporters: We thank Jerry Murphy, Kai Siers, Ian Mavero,  Jeffrey Gehlbach (JeffG), Daniel Asante, Paul Coleman, Kirk Richard Holz and everyone who flattr’ed us!

  • Alan from Vancouver thinks Windows 8 is the best thing to happen to Linux in a long time
  • Pierre-Marie Ruas sent us a couple of videos and thoughts on the recent angry reaction to Merkel visiting Portugal
  • Evgeny Kuznetsov gives us some feeback on internet censorship and the current situation in Russia
  • Barry Williams (aka BazzaWill) reports that the situation on warranties and gadgets in Australia is luckily much the same as in the EU
  • Eric Lehmann sent a video which explains why YouTube videos stop counting at 301 sometimes
  • QBRADQ says Fab should set up a public roguelike server on one of his Raspberry Pis
  • Asa tells us why Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Alone Again, Naturally is important from a copyright law perspective
  • Brad Alexander says Fab should review Diaspora: Shattered Armistice
  • Lee (aka Darth Marvin) talks about his troubles with getting the Motorola RAZR to mount properly in Linux
  • Yannack tells us that David Braben, the designer of Elite, also initiated the Raspberry Pi project

We had other emails this week from Juergen Schinker, Gary, Ron McCurry and Keith Z-G.

Song: Land of the Living by 20lb Sounds — back their Kickstarter!


  1. Yannis A says:

    Hey, just wanted to notify you that your Ogg feed redirects to this page now.

    I don’t use a specialised podcast program like gPodder so it didn’t affect me much–I just download by right clicking on the title, but just saying you may want to fix this.

  2. cybergrue says:

    Re LO 285
    Probably not the first to mention this but, …
    The Lemmings story is wierder then you made it out to be. It was a Disney who did it, not the BBC. See the Snopes article on Lemings
    Anyways, love the show. Keep up the good work.

  3. fabsh says:

    Yannis: Sorry, what? I can’t see a problem with the Ogg feed.

    cybergrue: Aha! Fucking Disney. :D

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