Linux Outlaws 287 – Bouncing off a Satellite

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The C7 Corvette in Gran Turismo 5


Either a porcupine or a goatse bear…

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Supporters: Thanks to Chris Tevyaw, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Ron McCurry and everyone who flattr’d us!

  • Barry Williams sent us more information about MTP on the Galaxy Nexus; he also likes to read graphic novels on the Kindle
  • Neil Viglieno gives Fab tips how to power his Raspberry Pis
  • YOBA sent us a massive email on roguelikes: Nethack, Dungeon Crawl (Stone Soup), ADOM, ToME, DoomRL, POWDER and the original Rogue
  • Remy Van Elst sent this epic animated beard picture of a guy called ExquisiteNeckbeard on Reddit:
Epic Beard-ness
  • Erez Schatz shares his opinions on GNOME 3 under the title Dr. Gnomeshell or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hot Corner

We had other emails from Gary, Nathaniel, Milan Antonijevic, Bruno Ramos and Alison Chaiken.

Clip: Jonathan Rauch on being offended (thanks to No Agenda)


  1. bombay Journalism says:

    No real discussion here just copy cat news reports from other site’s.

    i guess you cant have a real discussion about a Linux distro or any Linux application without fuck bombing .

    really i don’t see who listen to you , i guess they are all same idiots from university aka the I.T paper boy or girl who goes around refilling the printer with toilet paper because they teach crap Journalism to all there student.

    for the:> indian. :p

  2. fabsh says:

    You’re a bit racist, aren’t you? A shitty racist, though, since you can’t even get your stereotypes right. You also might also want to check who *wrote* these stories we supposedly copied. You might find a lot of it was written by some guy called Fab. Hmmm……

  3. cybergrue says:

    Re. Linux on laptops costing more then windows laptops.
    There are several reasons for this.
    Microsoft requires a windows licence for each laptop a vendor sells as a licencing requirement, no matter the actual OS installed on it. Several of the manufacturars complained about this (as reported on Groklaw). I’ll see if I can find the article later. Microsoft claims this is to prevent piracy. It is probably just a (happy) coincidence that it limits competition in the OS market.
    The crapware subsidy. All that bundled software that comes with the laptop with trial licences subsidises the cost (vendors pay the manufactuar to put it on the laptop). The crapware market is not as well developed for Linux as it is for windows, therefore less of a subsidy. (aka, reason 42 why I use Linux)

  4. fabsh says:

    Please see the update on the original story (which was done before this episode was released).

  5. Peter says:

    Hi, I just had a quick question about HAM and the apocalypse. In the apocalyptic future, how would fab be able to power his HAM radio? A load of car batteries?

  6. Nevel says:

    Excuse Gentlemen…Sorry just sputtering my tea all over my computer, or was that you!

    Dell selling Linux…ho ho ho

    Sorry this is a bit late, but you miss the point of why Dell sell “Linux” Computers: They don’t like people like meself who try and claim the MicroShit TAX off of them. Now Dell sell Linux, I cannot go back and claim my MicroTurd Taxes back as they sell a free alternative.

    Great show, even if your a Liverpudlian thieving gypsy!

    Nevel “Ex-Manchunian” Shute

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