Linux Outlaws 291 – Und Fritz Is Not Patient!

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The Second Amendment is bullcrap
The Second Amendment is bullcrap
  • Brad DeLong on solving the US gun problem



Fab reviews Steam on Linux. Although it is currently a closed beta, it will be opened soon.

Steam running on Ubuntu 12.10
Steam running on Ubuntu 12.10

1:42:16 FEEBACK

  • Keith Z-G sent us some feedback about our discussion of KDE window grouping
  • Matt Ivie tells us his thoughts on the Corvette
  • Chad Nelson sent us a picture of him and Adam Curry
  • Ray Woods prompts us about the unified EU patent system
  • JeffG sents us more tips about air travel and recommend several Android apps: AntennaPod & c:geo
  • Ron McCy likes Haiku and asks if we think that Linux is the be-all, end-all

We had other emails this week from Sven, Kerry, Gary, Remy Van Elst and Tzafrir.

Song: Minecraft Christmas by Area 11 (all rights reserved)

Featured: The 2012 Eddie K Xmas Quickie by Cavalcade Audio Productions


  1. e8hffff says:

    Removed your RSS from my feed aggregation after your attack on American’s right to bear arms.

    If you know anything about tyranny, then people’s freedom to defend against that is highly important, more so then gangs killing each other, or a crazed shooter event that’s highly questionable.

    America is the last hope in stopping a World Government, a plan to instigates a Carbon-Communist Regime on a fraudulent science claim, and to manage people from a usefulness perspective(eugenics).

    Sorry but it’s painful listening to communists.

  2. fabsh says:

    I very much doubt you even know what the term “communism” means. Especially based on the uneducated crap you just spouted there…

  3. ali says:

    hi fab.

    I must say I kinda agree with the first paragraph of e8hffff comment.

    I live in a tyranny (Iran), and I must say from experience that having
    a type of self-defence against government agencies really helps to preserve
    democratic rights. I dont know if we are the first to invent this, but
    we have made a word which means “Ultra-legal” and refers to actions that
    government representatives take against people, whenever they like, and there
    is no way to protect your self against it in a tyranny.

    Guns might not protect you from the army, but they protect you from a corrupt
    or brainwashed police officer, which have used to be a bully a few days ago, and
    makes him reconsider.

    It might not make sense in a lawful society, but it really makes sense in here.
    and also might prevent a lawful government from going lawless.

  4. Gareth Witty says:

    Look we are now all 21st century people, we have gone to the moon, to the deepest seas and even created great things, however we seem to think that guns are good!!! Not in the UK.

    Why do we need guns? OK I know shooting can be a sport and hunting but why fully auto shit? Does the US really need all those bullets to kill animals?

    I hate guns, they are too easy to obtain and use.

    Make love not war folks, its much more fun…

  5. fabsh says:

    ali: The solution to your problem is to fix your government, not guns. Just look at the countries neighbouring Iran and it should be obvious to see that more guns are not the solution. They will only cause you more suffering.

  6. t0p says:

    @e8hffff – So you’re quit listening to Linux Outlaws because one of the hosts has differing beliefs than yours about gun control, a subject that the podcast isn’t even about? Yeah, that makes sense.

    Kind of ironic though, I thought Americans were into free speech. Or is that too “communist” for you too?

  7. hughberto says:

    The much diputed 2nd amendement is as follows:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Now for my 2 cents, The 2nd amendment refers to a Militia (ie the army or the armed forces) and the “right of the people to bear Arms”, Now it doesn’t say persons or men or indeed women to bear arms it says the people. My point is this: I don’t think the tragidy in Conneticut was anything to do with tyrenny or the “the peoples right to bear arms”. It was everything to do with gun control. For god’s sake the mother kept her gun in a cardboard box. Why?

    I also heard that she was one of these “true americans” afraid of Obama getting elected. Afraid of the government getting out of control. Afraid of the army invading her little town in rural Conneticut. As per usual nothing works better in the home of the brave like fear. America today is more like the kingdom of fear rather than the “Land of Freedom”.

    Gun control is the only way I can see america getting out of this. Locking up the guns in secure metal cabinets. Having locked up safely and oooh maybe not selling guns to lunatics would be a good start. Not making guns and ammunition so readably available. Say what you like about Europe at least we can’t go into WALMART/ASDA and by our ammo with our pint of milk. Or go into tesco and by a head of lettuce and purcuse a MP5 with it.

  8. YourTeacher says:

    Fab. Long time listener. Being a funny German Linux guy does NOT make you any kind of an expert on America or guns. You don’t want me to wax eloquent on Nazis, do you? There is no advantage to you in ill-informed offensive rants such as this. How about you listen to a podcast to educate yourself? You only have to listen to the first 2 hours before Alex Jones comes on. I’ve listened to hours of your shit, so it’s only fair, right?

  9. fabsh says:

    I listen to shows I choose to, not what other people demand I do. I never claimed to be an expert, but I did study modern history and politics for several years. I wonder if you can claim anything similar. Your general tone makes me think that is not the case. If you don’t like my opinion, don’t listen to LO. Nobody is making you.

  10. MY god YourTeacher # I hope they don’t have too many of your kind running around the US right now. Telling people to be scared of the US army getting holo-point bullits because they are going to kill vets and soldiers and ordinary citizens. Because thats what it sounds like. I hope that the coup goes well so we can finally kill off lunatics like you off the face of the planet.
    Are you fucking serious?
    How do you know that they are for killing american soldiers?
    That are sworn (if I’m mistaken) to protect the country from forign and domestic enemies and to protect the people of the United States of America? How would one soldier do what that idiot Alex Jones suggests? It would go against every impulse that human person would every want to go into the army for.
    What a bunch of fucking idots christ you are cutting down a stick to beat yourselves with that kind of fucking dribble.
    I stopped listening to NO Agenda for that very reason. That they not only cross the line sometimes but they actively believe that their shit is the truth. For example they suggested that the shooting in Conneticut was a lie! a lie. Or some sort of hoax. To get the media to focas on the anti-gun lobby/Obama so they could “disract from the real issuses like the recent Spying bill that went through congress with out a hitch.”

    I don’t know why I’m wasting my time and effort with this kind of shit Fab.
    Anybody interested I posted a bit of a rebuttle to the above metioned article:

    as they say so elequently on that blog,
    this is me signging off…

  11. klapse says:

    I like your show – new listener. I like it best when you stay on topic.

    In recent episodes Fab has been talking over Dan a bit too often. Also Dan has the better radio voice and demeanor. Fab curses too much, and awkwardly. Dan is reasonable sounding.

    May I suggest you do a review of the Openpandora linux gaming handheld? – it would be good to interview Evildragon or Link or Craig.

  12. fabsh says:

    We are almost 300 episodes in and this is always how the show has been. Dan and me are different and that is why the show is what it is. You might also notice that we warn people that we do talk off topic stuff right on the page you go to when you subscribe. That is not gonna change any time soon, either. There is also a reason we are not on the radio. I wouldn’t want to be on the radio. I like to swear when it is appropriate and I don’t like anyone to tell me what I can talk about and what not. That’s what podcasting is all about.

    As for the OpenPandora, I think I’d be the one who’d be reviewing that since Dan doesn’t do much gaming. I must say I do not find it interesting enough to buy one, though. So unless we get a review model, this is probably not gonna happen.

  13. Mark Whaite says:

    so was there anything about linux in this episode? I skipped to the next show pretty early on in the rant. just not interested.

  14. cibolajerry says:

    I guess Fab thinks that peerage of citizenship should be the peerage of subjects and surfs and not the peerage of “the Peerage”. Whether Fab knows it or not, If it wasn’t for those “illegal guns in 1776”, even he would be speaking russian right now, or be a subject citizen, oh I forgot, he is a subject citizen.

  15. fabsh says:

    You can’t even spell “serv” and your knowledge of world history is that of a smurf. Why don’t they even let people like you on the internet, I wonder? I mean, can’t you tell you are writing absolute nonsense?

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