Linux Outlaws 293 – It’s Too Much for One Mother

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John McAfee, Cowboy
John McAfee, Cowboy

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  • Mr. Brooks gives us possibly the only scenario where a Windows tablet has actually done someone some actual good and he also asks us how to find someone to make a podcast with
  • Wilhelm Mailänder tells us that Nicht Lustig is also available in English

We also had emails from Fabian Ermish, Pierre-Marie Ruas, Jim Daldry and David Good.

Song: Look at Two Reels by Nanowar from the album Into Gay Pride Ride (licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0)

Into Gay Pride Ride


  1. Matěj Cepl says:

    I won’t comment on the Ubuntu phone itself (I rather not comment on even potential competitors of my employer), but let me get out of my chest my pet peeve on whole this kerfuffle: no journalist writing their BS about Ubuntu Phone haven’t noticed that there is another mobile OS, which is actually developed in open (, which actually is run by normal people (/me included) on many phones, there are real major industry backers behind it (Telefónica, Qualcomm, ZTE; see for more), etc. However, nobody noticed it.


  2. fabsh says:

    I wouldn’t say nobody noticed. It was in our story on The H and Vlad Savov on The Verge pointed it out as well. Possibly also the Ars story…

  3. fabsh says:

    My reply to that I left on this page: — mirrored here, just in case it never turns up over there.

    “What? You criticise my eating habits and don’t even give me a chance to reply? What the heck is wrong with eating horses? I’ve eaten horses, cows, ducks, pigs, chickens, snakes, iguanas, kangaroos, frogs, oysters, fish, fowls, mussels….. I’d probably eat rats, dogs and lichen too (look it up in the SAS Survival Handbook) if the situation required it. It’s all the same, really. If you find any of that appalling, it’s only in your head. Your body doesn’t give a damn.”

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