Linux Outlaws 294 – Gentlemen of the Road

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The 2014 Corvette Stingray
The 2014 Corvette Stingray


Kris Letang
Kris Letang

It’s Vulnerability Week!

The Systemd illustration from c't magazine
The Systemd illustration from c’t magazine


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Supporters: Thanks to Marcus Wilson, Mans Edstrom, Tony Hughes (from Blackpool LUG) and everyone who flattr’d us!

  • Gary doesn’t like Cisco routers and prefers the Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H which runs DD-WRT he also recommends SeatGuru.
  • Sam Bull has created a GNOME extension to put sticky notes on your Activities screen
  • Rorie sends us some comments on tea and milk
  • Tom Link, who has listened to the show for a couple of years, tells us what happened to him during a recent internet outage in Canada
  • Jonathan Nadeau tells us that Northeast Linux Fest has been announced: 16 & 17 March at Harvard University
  • Jeff G says the fifth annual OpenNMS User Conference Europe will take place 12-15 March at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany
  • Pedro wants to hear more about Secure Boot and tells us about his pet project which is a tiny application that binds keyboard shortcuts to window tilling actions on non tiling window managers

We had other emails from: Nehemiah Dacres, Christopher Vella and Garjola.

Song: The Final Rewind by Tryad from the album Public Domain (licensed Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0)


  1. Matěj Cepl says:

    Concerning the sad Aaron Swartz story I have two comments:

    a) There are some crimes in many countries (of course, I have no clue about the particulars of the U.S. federal law), where approval of the victim is required (or at least non-existence of objections). It is apparently the case JStor dropped the case, and (to their eternal shame) MIT didn’t.

    b) I think you were really sleepy when researching the issue. Aaron was depressive (aside from almost every source about him mentioning it, you can try ). Not that it would be any excuse for MIT behaving like idiots (disclosure: I have a completely intangible stake in the case … my wife was a PhD student at MIT, and OTOH I have some patches in Aaron’s rss2email program).

    c) is a great article.

    Thanks for reporting this.


  2. Moritz says:

    For DNS debugging use `nslookup`.

    `nslookup` ← that uses your “default” DNS-Server

    After that, try another DNS-Server:


  3. fabsh says:

    Well, I was trying to give people an easy way to figure out if their DNS was the problem or the general Internet connection. ;)

  4. Moritz says:

    That’s pretty easy :) But yeah, its in the terminal.

    Easy Syntax:


    Easy Name:
    name system lookup

    Easy Output with great error messages: ** server can’t find hlub: NXDOMAIN

    nslookup is great fpr telephonsupport, because there is not much information and it is easy to understand.

  5. fabsh says:

    I know how nslookup works. I have four years of professional experience supporting these things. It’s not my definition of “easy” though, and it’s nothing I will recommend to end-users on the fly like that. Listen to the email on the show again, that didn’t sound like a person I would give a terminal command like this. You need to tailor your recommendations a bit to the kind of person you are talking to.

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