Linux Outlaws 298 – TBL Rate

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OpenStreetMap's new map editor
OpenStreetMap’s new map editor

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Supporters: Thanks to Astrid Beulink,  Kerry O’Brien, Gian-Maria Daffre, Remy van Elst, Luke Walsh, Adam Cox and everyone who flattr’d us!

  • Matt Ivie really likes Atari
  • Gary saw an advertisement for a Bruce Springsteen tribute band and didn’t like it
  • Keith Z-G sent us a short email saying there’s a new game coming featuring Brian Blessed’s voice talent
  • Alison Chaiken says LibrePlanet 2013 will be at Harvard on 22 – 24 March
  • Tom Kent saw Fab’s article about Boost and says people should really check it out

We had other emails from Guillaume Beaudin, Kerry O’Brien and Florian Ermisch.

Song: Gedanken an Land by Nullmorphem from their EP (all rights reserved) — please buy their music, the guys are awesome!


  1. YOBA says:

    The greatest chess site in the universe – – uses the Play framework. It has an HTML5 (as FUCK) frontend and is generally all about the web. It used to be written in PHP but PHP did not scale very well. The developer rewrote the whole back-end from scratch in Scala using the Play 2.0 framework and hasn’t had a problem since. It must be quite good then! The server shifts through enormous amounts of data, especially when we’re talking about computer analysis of games and the automatic PGN export function.

    This is a bit of a stretch, but mind putting in a plug for Lichess in the next episode? It’s thoroughly open source (and will always be: and it has one of the best communities of all chess sites (unlike the unfortunately over-popular It is completely platform-independent (HTML5 is the future!!11!1oneone), has no ads and a great, vibrant community. It has also been translated in 58 languages and people who speak languages other than English are very much present.

    So yeah, that’s my request, if you’d do that I’ll love you forever. :)

  2. YOBA says:

    Bit further into the episode now, in which Dan and Fab poke fun at Fedora web servers.

    Lichess actually runs on Arch Linux.

    A server.

    Running Arch Linux.

    What do I win?

  3. Bernd says:

    You talked about NoSQL databases. A better name would be “Schemaless Databases”, because that term describes it better.

    I was at Fosdem this year and there was a great talk from Christophe Pettus with the title “PostgreSQL as a Schemaless Database”:

    And in this comparison PostrgeSQL wins against MongoDB. I’m sure there are other comparisons where PostrgreSQL losses, but the point is that it’s not always the truth that schemaless databases are faster or better than traditionally databases.

    And some time ago there was a blog post by Armin Ronacher (a well known Python guy) with the title “SQL is Agile”:
    It’s really worth to read it

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