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We talk about the recent disturbances in the Ubuntu ecosystem. It all started with Canonical unveiling their plans for Mir and Rick Spencer from Canonical saying Ubuntu might very well switch to rolling releases.

I have to be honest, there isn’t an Ubuntu community any more. There’s a Canonical community, an ubuntu-users gaggle and maybe an enthusiasts posse. But no community that makes decisions, builds a consensus, advocates or educates. It’s dead now, it’s been that way for a while.

— Martin Owens quits as an Ubuntu member

Canonical has done some moves recently which show a lack of concern for the Ubuntu community. Numerous other blogs on Planet Ubuntu say the same thing today.

— Jonathan Riddell

Canonical has started asking for donations when downloading  Ubuntu and one option is to give “Better support for flavours like Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu Slider thumb”.  Kubuntu has never received any of these funds or seen any better support, so this is a disappointing case of fraud.

Jonathan Riddell

The gravity with which Canonical pulls Ubuntu further from its original FOSS orbit is nothing short of tragic

— Larry Cafiero



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  • Jason Bowles (aka Malkor The Techie) sends us a picture of his local bank in a small town in Eastern Iowa that has had some Windows update related temperature fail:

Windows Temperature Fail

  • Calum Craig mentions that Brian Blessed voices the character of Grampy Rabbit on Peppa Pig
  • Jon Kulp thanked us for crediting his colleague Garth Alper on the previous show and sent a link to Garth’s new CD Deflection which has just come out
  • Jason Lewis has recently discovered the show and asks us to mention Emacsconf, happening in London on 30 March 2013
  • Meta-eX

We had other emails from Mikey, Keith Z-G, Jeffery Rollin-Jones, Félim Whiteley and Jeff Hatfield.

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  1. Raymii says:

    I read the “0:16:12 IN-DEPTH: UBUNTU COMMUNITY “SHITSTORM”” part very quickly, and thought that you listed a release name for a new version, “Shiny Shitstorm”… Had some late night datacenter work so that’s where it’s coming from, but I found it quite funny.

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