Linux Outlaws 305 – Hummus and Blow

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The new default GNOME wallpaper
The new default GNOME wallpaper


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Song: Brace Brace by I Am Not Lefthanded from the album The Fire & The Sigh (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)


  1. Raymii says:

    Nice joke with Linus…

    I think Ubuntu is diverging so much (own boot software, own display manager, own window manager), they’ll fork the kernel pretty soon, make it the Ubuntu Kernel. Not that they mention Linux or GNU anywhere on their website, but if they did they could then drop it…

    We’ll then have Shuttleworth OS, just like Pottering OS :P

  2. Zaipai says:

    Hi, in your comments about secure boot, you are leaving out the fact that on Arm based devices Microsoft demands that turning off EAF Secure boot not be allowed by vendors, also there have been reports of laptops being bricked because of a poor implimentation of secure boot. The fact is its a horable solution that can be defeated in a heart beat and really only serves to lock down devices in antempt to give Microsoft the same hardware control that Apple enjoys today. It needs to go and it the EU going after Microsoft is our only chance at this point.

  3. fabsh says:

    First off, we are not leaving out anything. We talked about the ARM requirements when this originally came up over a year ago. At which point I said “so how is that different and more lock-in or -out than any other ARM device on the market today? Android and iOS devices nearly all have locked boot loaders. They are locked even worse.”

    Secondly, AFAICT the complaint was only about desktop systems.

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