Linux Outlaws 307 – They See Me Patchin

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Server Cat iz Patchin Yer Serverz
Server Cat iz Patchin Yer Serverz




1:25:09 FEEDBACK

 Supporters: Thanks to Rene Castberg, Michael Swierczek, Richard Bragg, Jeff Gehlbach, Jay Towart, Rick Bragg and everyone who flattr’d us!

  • Charles in Arkansas enjoys the show and has a pretty crazy idea to mess with people spying on his email
  • Ian Kirk sent us two pretty cheezy jokes
  • Gary sent us a link on how to install an ARM version of openSUSE on a Samsung Galaxy SII
  • Mike Swierczek (aka. Dave 71) agrees with us on the Google Reader death and really liked Frozen People by Eric Fullerton from The Art of Dreaming
  • Alison Chaiken points out that Ubuntu isn’t the only distro using Upstart: ChromeOS also uses it
  • J.T. is a new listener who enjoys the show and especially enjoyed our take on the always on Xbox

Penny Arcade: Always On

  • Kerry O’Brien tells us the story how our podcast has helped him get into Linux and set up a Minecraft server for himself and his friends

We had other emails this week from Rick Bragg, Emilien Klein and Moritz.

Song: Minecraft Universe by Eric Fullerton from the album The Art of Dreaming (released under an unspecified Creative Commons licence)

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