Linux Outlaws 308 – Airtight

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Not the Royal Air Force...
Not the Royal Air Force…


Does he have a burned hand too?
Does he have a burned hand too?


0:50:01 APP TIP

HabitRPG — turns your tasks and daily habits into an RPG. It’s open source and was successfully kickstarted in February. Android and iOS apps are in development (using PhoneGap).

Habit RPG

0:55:18 FEEDBACK

 Supporters: Thanks to Ivan Pejić, Michael Gulick and everyone who flattr’d us!

  • Joe Ressington says he got bored so added guitar to his Digital Rights Update theme
  • Jezra sent us a selection of foul mouthed bumpers for the show
  • Stuart Ward dent us some cover art for our Game of Thongs parody
  • Dean Thompson gives us some background info on Cinnarch and GNOME packages in Arch
  • More thongs

Song: The Next Step by Trifonic (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0)


  1. Peter says:

    Hello people. I was listening to LO #308 when you started discussing λ-functions. In short the beauty of λ-functions is the power to describe a function or transformation by how it acts withouth having to give the function a name. So called anonymous functions.
    Compare for example
    def AddOneToInput(input):
    return input + 1

    return input + 1

    for further reference see for example

  2. Peter says:

    Acctually Lambdas come from lambda calculus. A way of logically describing computation. They just carried over as lambda functions.

  3. mik says:

    Hi guys!

    I hear your show for a while now, when I commute to work. I like it.

    The topics sometimes could deeper discussed as for me. But it’s ok and very entertaining.

    For me it’s a good practice in English. I learn swearing and insulting :-)
    By the way. Please don’t insult poor Enigma by comparing with netgear’s _encryption_.
    Some Funksprüche were cracked quite recently by distributed computing in January 2013 (


  4. xian says:

    Americans law makers seem to be trying to use the Boston “attack” to pass CISPA. Meanwhile deregulated fertilizer plant killed more people =\

    I like your show, mostly because other hacker shows don’t seem to talk about much computer science.

  5. Ivan Pejić says:

    If you ever wonder what might be the most prominent word in this episode….
    No it is not linux… No it is not bassicaly..
    According to the google’s automatic captions it is:

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