Linux Outlaws 311 – It’s Google’s Fault

Sadly, there is no video recording of this episode. It’s Google’s fault.


  • This episode is late due to Fab coming down with some kind of weird illness
  • Lucky Seven Caps

Nostromo Hat

Jack Daniel's White Rabbit



News from Google I/O

Other news

1:51:43 FEEDBACK

Supporters: Thanks to Jeff Gehlbach, Daniel Lowe, Keith Z-G, Ivan Pejić and everyone who flattr’d us!

  • Shay Walters plugs the South East Linux Fest in Charlotte, North Carolina from 7 to 9 June
  • Tzafrir Cohen writes to us about Monty, databases, names and Finns
  • Alison Chaiken also writes to us about Monty
  • Imran Chaudhry says we are the pirate radio to the Radio 4 of the Ubuntu UK Podcast
  • Yaroslav Halchenko writes to us on Fail2Ban of which he is a developer
  • Paul Cooper has been listening for three years and says we are his favourite Linux-related podcast; he also plugs EdLUG
  • Jonathan Archer writes about RossLUG

We had other emails from Armin Krauss, Jeff G, Olivier, Vladyslav Burakov, Jim Daldry, Frodo Bobbins, Keith Z-G and Christopher Vella.

Song: Space Echo by I’m Bad Like Jesse James from the album With Slippers (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0)


  1. x1101 says:

    As a whiskey and Bourbon drinker I feel the need to address a
    horrific mis-statement on LO 311. While Jack Daniels is an excellent
    whiskey, it is not a Bourbon. Here I must end my snobbery, because
    while doing the research to prove I am right, I found that I am less
    right than I thought. Mostly, JD isn’t Bourbon because they say it
    isn’t. As a Bourbon drinker, I still maintain that Bourbon is from
    Kentucky, but the ever correct Wikipedia can’t confirm that. If you
    want some real Kentucky Bourbon, I would recommend Woodford Reserve. My
    family from Kentucky (read where they make real Bourbon) have oft
    suggested it.

    I do apologize for my rantish snobbery, but as a Bourbon drinker, I get
    a little specific.

    But whatever you drink, keep drinking. You’re rubbish sober :P


  2. xian says:

    I have always been a google fanboy too but I’m thinking about setting up my own mail server because of their crap.

    They are also shutting down google checkout for merchants, so now I have to re build my cart system that I had custom built for google checkout =(

  3. fabsh says:

    Well, as there are some excellent Bourbons from Australia, I don’t think the Kentucky thing holds up. :)

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