Linux Outlaws 317 – Heatwave

Some stuff has been happening that has prevented us from releasing episodes recently; we explain what is going on.

Der Untergang

  • The H is being closed down, Fab is losing his job
  • We are not sure when the next regular episode will happen, Fab needs to sort things out first
  • The Maker’s Eden funding campaign is over, sadly we could not feature them on a special episode as we had hoped
  • Please visit their web site and vote for them on Greenlight

Song: The Maker’s Eden Title Track by Benjamin Burns (all rights reserved)

17 Responses to “Linux Outlaws 317 – Heatwave”

  1. nomasteryoda

    Man, sorry to hear about H. That totally blows.
    Hope you find a new job soon.

  2. nehemiah dacres

    the song was very JRPG, i liked it.

  3. pongfonng-e

    Very sorry to hear about the H. I hope you get things sorted out and are able to keep doing the show. Just threw a small donation your way to help do my part as a regular listener. You guys do great work so I will be pulling for you.

  4. whosteppedonaduck

    Fab – What about the fellas at Linux Format mag? Weren’t they looking for a writer recently? Best of luck.

  5. Ivan Pejić

    WTFDYM you’re gonna write in german?!?
    I’m barely managing my english…
    I’ve started to wrestle with Python…
    Can’t learn german now… :D

  6. Jason

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you find what you are looking for pretty quicky. The technology arena is always changing for bad and good. It goes both ways.

  7. andi

    Hi Fab!

    Sorry to hear about the H.

    Sorry to say this but I think you have to work for Ars Technica. They need you!

    And fk London! This city is no fun to live in anyway if you are not a billionaire.
    For a year or two its totally fine to live on 5 square meter but not for longer, believe me.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll find the job you dream of. Keep it up!

    All the best

  8. fabsh

    I do like London. I would be very sad to leave. And my girlfriend too, I think.

  9. Peter

    So sad to hear about Fab losing his job. I just wanted to write a line and express some hope that he finds a job again soon.

  10. Vin

    Maybe you can try the USA for a bit. Maybe work for TWiT or HAK5? Best wishes. Maybe you’ve found something by now?

  11. fabsh

    Somehow I think getting a green card by telling them I hope to get a job at TWiT will have little chance of success…

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