Linux Outlaws 319 – Zero isn’t an Option

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Crest of Isernhagen
Crest of Isernhagen


It looks like Ubuntu Edge is destined to fail. We give an update on the situation and discuss if we think it was ever meant to succeed.

0:33:58 FEEDBACK

  • Jim Daldry tells us about his favourite Sean Connery scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Jason Lewis sent us a story about a German court ruling declaring the JDownloader tool illegal
  • Moritz gives us some feedback on PRISM and NSA spying
  • Jonathan Nadeau gave Dan some advice on how to circumvent Unity when using Ubuntu
  • Luke Platypuss  recommends pcspecialist, a company run by a friend of his where you can buy computers without Windows licences
  • James Parker says our listeners should have a look at KAME, a live distro created by one of his friends
  • Michael Lawson also recommends a distribution, his firewall project Sphirewall
  • Kevin Grenade plugs his game Cataclysm: Dark Days AheadDan mentioned the TV series Justified, which is his new addiction
  • Nathan reckons that if you have written more lines of pro-GPL sentiments than lines of GPL code, you are not permitted to speak about the GPL
  • Gary (aka Agent Z10) had a discussion with Fab about the encryption used for BlackBerry’s messenger app BBM
  • Remy Van Elst sent us a number of emails on Cameron’s porn filter
  • Elias Önal sent us information on the PS3’s operating system
  • Andres Muniz wrote us the longest email ever — it has subsections, footnotes and a paragraph to explain why it is so long
  • Peter Bazalgette has punctuation issues

Peter Bazalgette on Twitter

  • Félim Whiteley is coming to OggCamp 13 and is looking forward to it
  • Daniel Harenberg really likes Netrunner
  • Paul, who met Dan at Barcamp Blackpool, tells us his Linux story and how he came to listen to the show

We had other emails from Keith Z-G, Bryan Lafferty, Brian Gryder, Mike Gulick, Kevin O’Brien and Ian Kirk.

Song: We’re the Resistors by Eric Skiff from the album Resistor Anthems (licensed Creative Commons BY 3.0)


  1. Michael O'Fee says:

    Bazalgette is a founder of Endemol, the people behind Big Brother. He is a descendent of the man who built London’s Victorian sewer system. Hence there was a joke about Joseph Bazalgette making his name pumping shit out of houses while Peter made a fortune pumping it back in again.

  2. tmb_steve says:

    As someone who has written approx 80,000 lines of GPL code and never spoken about the licence, I am hereby officially donating my allowance to Fab to speak about it on my behalf.

    Many thanks

  3. Becky says:

    Just listening now about the Ubuntu phone and sapphire glass. I work with sapphire a lot (I work on the detector development for large physics experiments). You certainly can get pieces that are large enough to work with phones, but at the moment I think that it would still be prohibitively expensive. Perhaps the smart thing to do would be to develop an ultra-thin sapphire coating for ordinary glass. Then again, for the stuff I work with the purity is really important, maybe if you don’t need such good quality you can get it cheaper.

  4. Stephen Michael Kellat says:

    Finally listening to the show as I’ve been a bit busy putting on a music festival. As to the e-mail from Andres Muniz…ya know, it was one of the few times you could have brought me in as a specialist adviser since it dealt with libraries

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