Linux Outlaws 322 – Ubuntu to the Knee

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The phone that hacked TouchID
The phone that hacked TouchID
  • Speaking of unlocking an iPhone with sausages, you can apparently do it with your penis
  • OggCamp


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We had other emails from Gary, Michael Lawson, Félim Whiteley and Alison Chaiken.

Song: Ballad Of A Hungry Mother by Phil Cook from the album Hungry Mother Blues
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  1. Yannis A says:

    This should be first on Freewheelin’ Fab’s game section: (gameplay starts at about 1:10)

    I don’t like driving in real life (just too boring), but Euro Truck Simulator 2 is surprisingly fun. I don’t know if Oculus Rift for ETS2 is supported under Linux (I think OpenHMD is in the kernel though) but it’s impressive to say the least.

  2. fabsh says:

    I’m not that into the Occulus Rift. Mostly because it makes pretty much everyone puke within 20 minutes.

  3. tim lovejoy says:

    Thank you Fab for that beautiful visual.

    I cant get that dick out of my mind now.
    Ive had to go back to a candybar phone because every time I use a smartphone Ive got dick dialing on the brain.

    Eez it zee alkohol tolkink or is zis somesing you spent beeg hours rezerchink?
    Eez 21st century, loff of kok eez beeg ting, eez ok eef you like,….yah?

  4. Jeff Albertson, the comic book guy says:

    @Johanv: that’s the great thing about computer usage, so many people think that THEIR usage is somehow indicative of the rest of the city/planet.
    My wife and her coworkers live in a .doc world which luckily isnt a problem with LibreOffice on her Acer laptop (Win7 runs virtually and she could run a legal Word but she prefers LO).
    I send about a dozen letters (real paper stuff) because its a legal office along with 4 reports a month which run 10-15pages each. LibreOffice does what I need it to.
    My boys and 8 nieces and nephews are all in high school and the word processor is big. So is Gdrive (which my eldest niece used as Writely, then when it was Google Docs and now that its part of the Gdrive.) for when doing collaborative work. And ALL of them love the being able to correct mistakes or Find functions.

    My mechanic Gaby, doesnt use word processors. My dentist uses MS Office to run his business. Im sure this pattern repeats itself depending on many variables.
    And no, fear of a font like Comic isnt enough of a reason to not use word processors.

    @Tim Lovejoy: the power of the c0ck is strong in our teutonic friend. I get what your saying, ive been hearing Crying Game everytime Ive looked at my smartphone. Its gonna scar me at almost goatse levels…..

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