Linux Outlaws 329 – A Problem with the Drupal Core

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Hosts: Dan & Fab



  • We are now using the new Raspberry Pi soundboard
  • Sixgun Productions will not be releasing any shows in January
  • We are sorry for missing a segment bumper in the last episode
  • We have released Steel Rain 2
  • The arkOS slogan seems… familiar

arkOS slogan




Amazon Drone

1:17:10 FEEDBACK

  • Alison Chaiken and John Kenney of Toyota are doing a free webinar on “Technology, Business and Regulation of the Connected Car”
  • Daniel Harenberg says we should talk about Shadowrun Returns on Steel Rain
  • NYBill sends us this OggCamp-related picture:

NYBill drinks

  • Rob Bunting (in Hong Kong) mentions a clip from BBC 4 Comedy of the Week and says he listens to history podcasts when we are off the air
  • Antone “Hendo” Henderson is back and tells us some bad news about Noel Watson, who passed away recently
RIP Noel Watson
RIP Noel Watson

Song: Waltzing Matilda by Noel Watson (all rights reserved)


  1. jediafr says:


    I am a regular listener of the podcast, and i rather enjoy it but one Fab-rant in particular pushed me to leave a comment.
    I sense a lot of bad will against Cinnamon, why ?

    I don’t use it on regular basis but it is a good DE for Mint.
    If morons decided to use it on Arch and got their fingers burnt cause they don’t anticipate dependencies lagging behind the GTK-Gnome release cycle, it is not a reason to vilify the DE.
    Anyway, since Cinnamon 1.6, the gnome dependencies are obsolete.

    If Fab would be drunk enough to elaborate, i would be most interested in hearing a spanking good rant !

  2. fabsh says:

    I merely stated my opinion. I used to give Mint a lot of positive mentions in the past. Now they have done a few things that I think are bad, so I think it’s only fair if I talk about those too. You don’t have to agree on it, of course.

  3. Cyber Killer says:

    About winxp – nothing can make me move to vista or above – they’re just horrible, not to mention cost a hell lot of cash. I’m sticking to winxp forever for the legacy stuff that needs it and doesn’t run on my main OS which is openSUSE :-).

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