Linux Outlaws 330 – Much Podcast, Such Banter, Very Linux

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Hosts: Dan & Fab




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Patrick Stewart with Christmas Lights

The old Vagrant logo used to feature Fab
The old Vagrant logo used to feature Fab


1:23:23 FEEDBACK

  • Zafrir Cohen writes us to correct a few details we mentioned about the Neo900 and other free phones
  • Jezra sent us some feedback on Tizen and an audio clip for the soundboard
  • Evgeny Kuznetsov, M.D. says listening to LO is the perfect way to research his work on psychiatric patients — wait what?!
  • Alison Chaiken asked us to mention that the dates for LibrePlanet 2014 in Boston have been announced and that booking is open

We had other emails from Remy van Elst and Ian Kirk.

Song: Got My Game by Abstraction from the album Do This Justice (licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0)


  1. You mentioned waiting until the next NaSoAlMo to give the “album in a month” challenge a shot. There is actually one in February called the RPM Challenge if you can’t wait until next November :)

  2. Wub says:

    Well, feedback on the feedback, we’re getting into a potentially dangerous cycle here.

    In the feedback about the N900, a cool feature was mentioned: hot-swapping the battery. This produced some confusion, for the OP and for the commentators. I guess all of y’all aren’t old enough to have owned a Palm Pilot. Those devices did not have any stable storage – everything was essentially in RAM. So, if you lost power, perhaps while installing fresh batteries (there was no alternative power input at all) you essentially went to a factory reset state. They solved this potential drawback to ownership by including capacitors large enough to give you about a minute to swap out those triple-A batteries. Voila! Hot-swappable batteries!

    Why you need this on an N900 I don’t know, but it is cool…

  3. Imran Chaudhry says:

    Dan: “There’s no such thing as a good buffer overflow.”

    With respect to Dan, there is! The buffer overflow that allowed the original Xbox to run unsigned code such as Linux through a specially crafted gamesave file. This led to the development of the amazing XBMC.

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