Linux Outlaws 331 – Full Spread!

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Hosts: Dan & Fab



  • Merry Christmas, everyone! This is the penultimate LO of the year

Picard Christmas

Peter O'Toole as Lawrence of Arabia

Peter O’Toole as Lawrence of Arabia





The GNOME Software utility

The GNOME Software utility

0:58:52 FEEDBACK

  • Gary sent us an email about Obama mentioning Ubuntu during his speech for Mandela


  • Remy Van Elst sent us a link to Vim3D which is made by Dan Lynch (but not our Dan Lynch)
  • Fab fielded more email about his modem and ISP
  • Mike wrote to tell us Doggcatcher also had a problem with Episode 329
  • Jeremiah says we should fork FOAAS to make Fab-as-a-Sevice
  • Colin Conway tells Dan how to fix Gmail
  • Jonathan Nadeau is launching an Indiegogo campaign to help bring digital sight to the vision impaired

Song: Make It So! by Captain Picard (all rights reserved)

2 Responses to “Linux Outlaws 331 – Full Spread!”

  1. Chris Wininger

    For reasons I can not explain the i-tunes application on my work computer has decided that whenever you press the play button it will resume playing episode 326 right at the spot where it kicks in with “Gay Married!” It does not matter that I have listened to many episode of Linux Outlaws since then; or that I have listened to many other podcasts and songs since then. If I have nothing in the queue and I press play my WORK computer immediately belts out “GAY MARRIED!!!” Perhaps it want to tell me something.

  2. fabsh

    ROFL! Well you know what they say about Tim Cook…. ;)

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